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Time Name Message
Today 18:02 mops me
Today 18:02 mops doom
Today 18:01 mops spell me
Today 18:01 mops doom
Today 18:01 mops hey
Today 18:01 mops i missed too many stabs D
Today 18:01 Donkey Kong no
Today 18:00 mops none of yall use
Today 18:00 hejo to costy
Today 18:00 mops omagaad
Today 18:00 hejo no
Today 18:00 mops snus
Today 18:00 hejo cheats yes
Today 18:00 mops u use?
Today 18:00 hejo mops
Today 18:00 mops hejo
Today 18:00 Donkey Kong no not yet bby
Today 17:59 mops yall use snus?
Today 17:59 mops guys
Today 17:59 mops so
Today 17:59 mops my fucking strafes
Today 17:58 dr doom fk
Today 17:58 mops how tf did i just fuck up my strafes that badly
Today 17:57 hejo u did not see that
Today 17:57 Donkey Kong ok
Today 17:57 hejo eh
Today 17:57 mops donkey watch this
Today 17:57 mops fuck it aint gonna waste my time :D
Today 17:57 Donkey Kong now
Today 17:57 Donkey Kong ye me too
Today 17:57 mops shit i am bad
Today 17:57 mops tf
Today 17:56 mops bri actucally missed 2 stabs :DD
Today 17:56 dr doom kiss kiss
Today 17:56 dr doom ily
Today 17:56 dr doom reflex
Today 17:56 mops breuh
Today 17:56 dr doom ABYB
Today 17:56 dr doom SRY
Today 17:53 mops u se?
Today 17:52 mops me
Today 17:52 mops spec
Today 17:52 mops :DDD
Today 17:52 mops :D
Today 17:51 mops go roof
Today 17:48 mops brb
Today 17:48 mops dick yes
Today 17:47 mops kiss me than
Today 17:23 Toby bro dont target switch
Today 17:04 nauzumi run?
Today 17:00 jax nextmap
Today 16:53 jax nt
Today 16:52 mazzi poj angry toy
Today 16:52 mazzi ok
Today 16:08 moosa ?
Today 16:08 moosa what flag is this
Today 16:08 moosa enx
Today 16:07 moosa gotcha
Today 16:05 moosa im bOt
Today 16:03 Donkey Kong np
Today 16:03 moosa im new
Today 16:03 moosa go ez on me boys
Today 16:02 Donkey Kong huh
Today 16:02 moosa so im the only noob between u?
Today 15:59 Enx vip
Today 11:12 Bopper lmao
Today 11:12 TokiO :o
Today 11:11 TokiO WOWOWOWOW
Today 11:11 TokiO :OOOOOOOOOOO
Today 11:11 Bopper :o
Today 11:10 Bopper and look at my keys
Today 11:10 Bopper you can spec me if you want
Today 11:10 TokiO idk how
Today 11:10 Bopper i believe
Today 11:10 Bopper you can!
Today 11:10 TokiO i cant xD
Today 10:19 ???????????????... menu
Yesterday 22:57 propaganda AAAAAAAA
Yesterday 22:54 Donkey Kong lol
Yesterday 22:54 Elo sit
Yesterday 22:53 Elo hahah
Yesterday 22:52 Elo you team go quit
Yesterday 22:52 Elo ez
Yesterday 22:51 Donkey Kong dog
Yesterday 22:51 Donkey Kong sit
Yesterday 22:51 Donkey Kong xd
Yesterday 22:50 mazzi x
Yesterday 22:50 ognob xD
Yesterday 22:50 ognob xD
Yesterday 22:50 ognob xD
Yesterday 22:50 Elo kürt
Yesterday 22:47 Elo max TURKISH DOG :çd
Yesterday 22:47 Elo okey
Yesterday 22:47 Donkey Kong turkish dog
Yesterday 22:47 Elo offf
Yesterday 22:47 Elo you mom very beby
Yesterday 22:47 Elo okey
Yesterday 22:47 Donkey Kong lol
Yesterday 22:47 mazzi baby
Yesterday 22:47 Elo sit ct
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