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Yesterday 23:38 milko im bad
Yesterday 23:38 zz well i no null cause unfair to other players when i null
Yesterday 23:37 zz well wonder u have a diff point of view since we play hns and u stat
Yesterday 23:37 wonder its just an excuse to be bad
Yesterday 23:37 wonder no?
Yesterday 23:37 wonder no advantage
Yesterday 23:37 milko its a flex being good with nonull
Yesterday 23:37 wonder why wouldnt u null
Yesterday 23:37 milko dont need to
Yesterday 23:36 milko no
Yesterday 23:36 zz should i start nulling again?
Yesterday 23:32 milko to somewhere
Yesterday 23:31 zz k
Yesterday 23:31 milko look
Yesterday 23:31 milko i wanna try this one
Yesterday 23:27 zz mby
Yesterday 23:27 milko too high
Yesterday 23:27 milko i dont think its possible
Yesterday 23:27 milko nah
Yesterday 23:27 milko to where
Yesterday 23:27 milko i spec
Yesterday 23:27 zz i have surf but big height
Yesterday 23:26 todji how remove bagged textures?
Yesterday 23:25 zz yea
Yesterday 23:25 zz its pretty good
Yesterday 23:25 Tricky It's pretty fun actually
Yesterday 23:25 Tricky Ye sure
Yesterday 23:25 milko now im lazy
Yesterday 23:25 milko imma try it tommorow
Yesterday 23:24 zz
Yesterday 23:24 zz i ahve ip
Yesterday 23:23 colt not sure if we can send ip
Yesterday 23:23 .Ta ./shop
Yesterday 23:23 todji how u got that?
Yesterday 23:23 milko and i actually havent tried it
Yesterday 23:23 .Ta yes
Yesterday 23:23 milko i dont have the ip
Yesterday 23:23 todji 1.6 usp
Yesterday 23:23 todji what skin is this?
Yesterday 23:23 .Ta ?
Yesterday 23:23 Tricky They have unique surfs and tricks
Yesterday 23:23 todji .Ta
Yesterday 23:22 Tricky Why don't you just play on the trickjump server instead of their funjump?
Yesterday 23:22 zz o
Yesterday 23:22 zz i spec
Yesterday 23:22 milko almost
Yesterday 23:22 milko oh
Yesterday 23:22 milko imma try sth else
Yesterday 23:21 milko ye hard
Yesterday 23:21 cloak english pls
Yesterday 23:21 cloak ?
Yesterday 23:21 zz hard i think
Yesterday 23:21 milko imma try the ladder
Yesterday 23:21 baby peek ait no more giving chances to u lol
Yesterday 23:21 zz :D
Yesterday 23:21 Calstan wat
Yesterday 23:21 milko these ones are good
Yesterday 23:21 cloak holy slow
Yesterday 23:21 milko oh
Yesterday 23:20 milko oh
Yesterday 23:20 zz ideas
Yesterday 23:20 zz 2
Yesterday 23:20 zz from before
Yesterday 23:20 zz i have idea
Yesterday 23:20 milko and then idk to where
Yesterday 23:20 milko to the surf
Yesterday 23:20 Tricky 4
Yesterday 23:20 milko and this one a cool idead
Yesterday 23:19 zz ik that
Yesterday 23:19 milko hit
Yesterday 23:19 zz k
Yesterday 23:19 milko spec
Yesterday 23:19 milko another one
Yesterday 23:19 milko hit this
Yesterday 23:19 zz i see
Yesterday 23:19 Pashi0s sry
Yesterday 23:19 Pashi0s didnt mean to
Yesterday 23:19 milko spec
Yesterday 23:18 cloak ur teammate
Yesterday 23:18 cloak nice block
Yesterday 23:18 cloak ok dude
Yesterday 23:18 baby peek never seen anything like that 1st stab
Yesterday 23:18 baby peek i dont think u should be talking bout following LMFAO
Yesterday 23:16 cloak hahaha
Yesterday 23:16 cloak i followed????
Yesterday 23:16 cloak ?
Yesterday 23:16 Pashi0s HE RAPED YOU BRO
Yesterday 23:16 Pashi0s LOOOL
Yesterday 23:15 baby peek wdym not exactly u ran the whole round
Yesterday 23:15 baby peek we are following lol
Yesterday 23:12 Calstan EZ
Yesterday 23:08 baby peek nah im good
Yesterday 23:08 cloak go play fj dog
Yesterday 23:07 bibzinga aight
Yesterday 23:07 .Ta its pretty late i cant talk
Yesterday 23:07 MISERY im with my friends srry
Yesterday 23:06 bibzinga misery and ta vc?
Yesterday 23:06 cloak "no fj"
Yesterday 23:06 cloak i aint gon chase correctly if u dont follow rules either
Yesterday 23:06 cloak fym dirty
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