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Time Name Message
Today 16:22 aln 4
Today 16:22 Meow i will never catch any of you
Today 16:21 moti ?
Today 16:21 Meow give up
Today 16:18 moti ill go pee real quik
Today 16:18 moti hi
Today 16:18 Meow hi again
Today 16:07 moti brb
Today 16:07 moti imma ho eat
Today 16:06 moti its ok
Today 16:06 Meow im not very good
Today 16:06 moti go rtv
Today 16:06 Meow hi
Today 16:04 TrapBrat nice
Today 16:04 AlexC... bruh*
Today 16:04 AlexC... xd
Today 16:04 AlexC... brug 241 max at distbug and no laj
Today 16:03 TrapBrat lol
Today 16:03 AlexC... xd
Today 16:03 AlexC... my max at ladder is higher but can't register
Today 16:02 AlexC... that time in ct
Today 16:02 AlexC... fail to land on ladder xd
Today 16:02 AlexC... and he was dead
Today 16:02 AlexC... he just saw me fly
Today 16:01 TrapBrat haha
Today 16:01 AlexC... I didn't show it
Today 16:01 AlexC... and spec me all game to do it again
Today 16:01 AlexC... I use this one time on crash and he die
Today 16:00 AlexC... where you see me fly
Today 16:00 AlexC... on first part
Today 16:00 AlexC... with this trick you can go 3 directions..
Today 15:59 TrapBrat im not leaving
Today 15:59 TrapBrat xd
Today 15:59 TrapBrat nahh i missclicked
Today 15:59 AlexC... cya
Today 15:59 TrapBrat *
Today 15:59 AlexC... and land on that fountain
Today 15:59 TrapBrat i mean
Today 15:59 TrapBrat yeee
Today 15:59 TrapBrat byee
Today 15:59 AlexC... is like that bb surf
Today 15:58 TrapBrat how to u know bhop glitch
Today 15:58 AlexC... is a hard one
Today 15:58 TrapBrat i need to lear how to sgs
Today 15:58 TrapBrat ohhh
Today 15:58 TrapBrat show
Today 15:58 AlexC... which I had done
Today 15:58 AlexC... cuz it is a trick nobody know
Today 15:57 AlexC... I am srry didn't rec this
Today 15:57 TrapBrat damn
Today 15:57 AlexC... xd
Today 15:57 AlexC... 3 jb in chain and land on ct ladder
Today 15:54 AlexC... crash 1 year ago when found me on other server wanted me to rejoin his server
Today 15:53 TrapBrat real
Today 15:53 AlexC... is pointless cuz there are the same players
Today 15:53 AlexC... but I am not playing on sway anymore
Today 15:53 AlexC... not just one time multiple times
Today 15:53 TrapBrat lmaoo
Today 15:53 AlexC... one time
Today 15:53 AlexC... I juke crash from sway while drunk
Today 15:52 TrapBrat hjaha
Today 15:52 AlexC... still
Today 15:52 AlexC... I am more like a rusty player when drunk and rational
Today 15:52 TrapBrat im a vanila player
Today 15:52 TrapBrat im trash at hns
Today 15:52 AlexC... when learning HNS
Today 15:52 TrapBrat me 2
Today 15:52 AlexC... xd
Today 15:52 AlexC... I used to play much in last 2 years
Today 15:51 TrapBrat u play much
Today 15:51 AlexC... =]]]]
Today 15:51 AlexC... I play from 2019
Today 15:51 TrapBrat Wtf
Today 15:51 AlexC... in 4 years
Today 15:51 Meow damn
Today 15:51 TrapBrat damn
Today 15:51 AlexC... =)))
Today 15:51 AlexC... I have nearly 5k hours in cs
Today 15:51 TrapBrat xDD
Today 15:51 AlexC... even the teacher who is hard veteran on 1.6 couldn't explain how I gain such experience
Today 15:50 TrapBrat typical npc type shit
Today 15:50 AlexC... =))))
Today 15:50 AlexC... my class call me "hacker,cheater" cuz they don't know how to bhop
Today 15:48 TrapBrat i belive you
Today 15:48 AlexC... I am legit
Today 15:48 AlexC... I am not kidding
Today 15:48 Meow aw
Today 15:48 AlexC... give me your discord to show
Today 15:48 TrapBrat lmao
Today 15:48 rTk - kTr U CAN DO IT
Today 15:48 AlexC... bhop 323 max 406...
Today 15:48 AlexC... I had same situation on kz too
Today 15:48 TrapBrat idk xd
Today 15:48 AlexC... xd
Today 15:47 AlexC... why didn't it read like ownage or 288?
Today 15:47 TrapBrat 69
Today 15:47 AlexC... umm,....
Today 15:47 AlexC... AlexCrav jumped 269.9907 units with a Bhop [6 Strafes | 320.059 Pre | 360.088 Max | Height 57.4 | 80% Sync]
Today 15:47 rTk - kTr thats why u are stuck in the air
Today 15:47 Meow OK
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