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Time Name Message
Today 12:38 زنجي مثل... ohh ok
Today 12:38 ₣Ø taatul yes
Today 12:38 زنجي مثل... wingman rank?
Today 12:37 ₣Ø taatul sup
Today 12:37 زنجي مثل... :D
Today 12:37 زنجي مثل... what abt wingman
Today 12:37 زنجي مثل... ah
Today 12:37 ₣Ø taatul troll on it only
Today 12:37 ₣Ø taatul g4
Today 12:37 زنجي مثل... taatul whats ur comp rank?
Today 12:37 زنجي مثل... gaming
Today 12:36 زنجي مثل... gebab
Today 12:36 زنجي مثل... 281
Today 12:36 blasphemy [GC] LJ: 283.618 [Edge: 5.48 | Veer: 12.1 | Fwd: 0 | Sync: 78 | Max: 364]\
Today 12:35 زنجي مثل... taatul got the robot moves
Today 12:34 زنجي مثل... ahh ok
Today 12:34 ₣Ø taatul my friend got a bravo case in power
Today 12:33 ₣Ø taatul my friend got a bravo case in powerfps server
Today 12:33 KidCad servers dont drop skins only cases
Today 12:33 زنجي مثل... idk thats what i was thinking
Today 12:33 KidCad i think its not possible
Today 12:33 ₣Ø taatul servers can fake it
Today 12:32 زنجي مثل... i was playing some 1v1 arena yesteday and someone got a p2k ocean foam drop
Today 12:32 KidCad unlucky
Today 12:32 زنجي مثل... nahj
Today 12:31 KidCad does anyone know a good surf server?
Today 12:30 KidCad tru
Today 12:30 زنجي مثل... edgebugs are so satisfying
Today 12:29 زنجي مثل... ah
Today 12:29 ₣Ø taatul i dont stat anymore so cant get close to that anymore
Today 12:29 زنجي مثل... im kinda shit asw
Today 12:29 KidCad y
Today 12:29 KidCad y
Today 12:29 KidCad idk wh
Today 12:29 KidCad i cant do more than 7
Today 12:29 زنجي مثل... good:D
Today 12:29 زنجي مثل... bruh
Today 12:28 ₣Ø taatul 9 i think
Today 12:28 زنجي مثل... how many strafes
Today 12:28 زنجي مثل... shii
Today 12:28 ₣Ø taatul my lj pb is 288.2
Today 12:28 زنجي مثل... anymore
Today 12:28 زنجي مثل... idek how i gotten 270 lj i cant get near that
Today 12:27 زنجي مثل... my best lj is 270 my best bhop is 281
Today 12:26 زنجي مثل... lol
Today 12:26 زنجي مثل... every single one of my pbs is 6 strafes
Today 12:25 زنجي مثل... ye
Today 12:25 ₣Ø taatul ./stats
Today 12:25 زنجي مثل... pb
Today 12:15 زنجي مثل... bruh
Today 12:15 ₣Ø taatul yes
Today 12:15 زنجي مثل... tower to ther????
Today 12:15 زنجي مثل... sureä
Today 12:15 ₣Ø taatul wanna see what should be possible but no one has done it or even gonna try
Today 12:15 زنجي مثل... bruh
Today 12:15 ₣Ø taatul not even the hardest one
Today 12:14 ₣Ø taatul it is
Today 12:14 زنجي مثل... from tower to box
Today 12:14 زنجي مثل... idk if thats possible
Today 12:13 زنجي مثل... okk
Today 12:13 زنجي مثل... oh
Today 12:13 زنجي مثل... what box tho
Today 12:13 زنجي مثل... ahh okl
Today 12:12 ₣Ø taatul no thats easy im trying to hit it from grey to the tower surf to box
Today 12:12 زنجي مثل... if its to this
Today 12:11 زنجي مثل... i got it lol
Today 12:11 ₣Ø taatul trying to hit a surf but im shit
Today 12:11 زنجي مثل... wby
Today 12:11 زنجي مثل... nothing much ny
Today 12:10 ₣Ø taatul wassup
Today 12:10 زنجي مثل... hi
Today 11:39 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? gay nigger =زنجبي مثبي الجنس
Today 11:35 زنجي مثل... wtf
Today 11:35 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? امك
Today 11:35 زنجي مثل... (*_*)_凸
Today 11:35 زنجي مثل... (*_*)_凸
Today 11:35 زنجي مثل... (*_*)_凸
Today 11:26 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? امك
Today 11:23 زنجي مثل... (*_*)_凸
Today 11:23 زنجي مثل... (*_*)_凸
Today 11:23 زنجي مثل... voice_0 music
Today 11:23 زنجي مثل... (*_*)_凸
Today 11:21 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? شو تسوي
Today 11:21 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? هيييييييييييييييي
Today 11:21 زنجي مثل... (*_*)_凸
Today 11:21 زنجي مثل... (*_*)_凸
Today 11:20 زنجي مثل... yes
Today 11:20 زنجي مثل... cus
Today 11:20 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? but why you use arabic word
Today 11:19 زنجي مثل... no
Today 11:19 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? are you arabic
Today 11:19 زنجي مثل... ?
Today 11:19 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? زنجبي مثلي الحنس ؟
Today 08:14 tedza cw
Today 08:14 tedza /cw
Today 07:16 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? yes
Today 07:16 Hamza7x4 ☠ ?? يسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسسس
Today 06:07 muvi go zahodi
Today 06:07 muvi pizdec
Today 06:07 muvi tam ping navern
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