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Points Kills Deaths KDR Assists Pos Time
1062 132 102 1.29 38 27 4
17% 1062 of 1350 (-288) points to achieve Obsidian III
Online time 8d 16h 9m 1s
latest event was logged 13 hours ago
Round win rate 82%876 wins, 182 losses
Time Name Message
Yesterday 20:50 Thorn My back is killing me I can put my chair into bed and play while lying down
Yesterday 20:50 Thorn Finally made this pain noob surf
Yesterday 20:47 Thorn fr 4 times in a row
Yesterday 20:47 Thorn My anger issues can't handle it
Yesterday 20:47 Thorn I get them all the time
Yesterday 20:47 Thorn I am starting to hate edgebugs
Yesterday 20:46 Thorn I see
Yesterday 20:46 Thorn Why?
Yesterday 20:46 Thorn Which
Yesterday 20:28 Thorn Fuck it i change net
Yesterday 20:27 Thorn Ahahaha
Yesterday 20:27 Thorn lol
Yesterday 20:19 Thorn rip
Yesterday 20:18 Thorn First ownage on bhop?
Yesterday 20:18 Thorn Fr?
Yesterday 20:18 Thorn Since I got all wreckers expect on laj and cj
Yesterday 20:17 Thorn I hit my first bhop wrecker few days ago and since then i lost my interest in statting
Yesterday 20:16 Thorn Surfing is fun
Yesterday 20:15 Thorn I failed a surf
Yesterday 20:15 Thorn nohooo
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