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Points Kills Deaths KDR Assists Pos Time
477 77 82 0.93 18 78 124
38% 477 of 600 (-123) points to achieve Gold III
Online time 23h 58m 51s
latest event was logged 8 hours ago
Round win rate 51%127 wins, 118 losses
Time Name Message
Today 02:17 ideal lets just get off
Today 02:17 ideal arguing with the server owner isnt doing us any favors rn
Today 02:15 ideal im just tired
Today 02:15 ideal u were not
Today 02:15 ideal no
Today 02:13 ideal then follow them
Today 02:12 ideal please
Today 02:12 ideal sm_rules
Today 02:12 ideal im going to be jumping in spawn til you're ready to play the game how ur supposed to <3
Today 02:11 ideal new rec woo
Today 02:11 ideal kind of hard to when you run nonstop
Today 02:10 ideal im trying to play the game lol
Today 02:10 ideal ffs
Today 02:09 ideal if ur gonna play here
Today 02:08 ideal at least play by the rules
Today 02:06 ideal ?
Today 02:06 ideal ironic
Today 02:03 ideal thats not an excuse
Today 02:03 ideal BRO running is a rule on block servers
Today 02:02 ideal stop fucking running
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