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Player Online time
Calstan 18d 22h 13m 19s
Ogge 10d 25m 55s
joe-da 9d 15h 25m 39s
Thorn 9d 1h 14m 33s
Hajju 7d 20h 15m 44s
agni 7d 16h 18m 41s
über 6d 26m 15s
buggyman 5d 17h 39m 41s
hejo 5d 15h 54m 55s
Yokedjin 4d 11h 30m 59s
AlexC... 3d 17h 52m 52s
сиб.ирск... 3d 16h 25m 2s
vessakoira 3d 10h 8m 51s
ϟ betrunkener_... 3d 7h 10m 30s
Loosay 3d 5h 2m 30s
moti 3d 4h 7m 33s
Aqizz 3d 3h 29m 41s
Whut? 3d 1h 29m 20s
willebin 3d 1h 23m 10s
cloak 3d 1h 3m 44s
nice guy 2d 23h 57m 0s
KingYoshi 2d 22h 44m 5s
mp3 2d 22h 21m 6s
Sween 2d 18h 25m 50s
& what 2d 18h 22m 28s
₣Ø taatul 2d 16h 24m 25s
123 2d 15h 53m 29s
horat 2d 15h 10m 19s
Sexpert 2d 13h 3m 45s
aæ₺æ₺€t... 2d 11h 40m 43s
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