Klonken Community


Points Kills Deaths KDR Assists Pos Time
879 106 61 1.73 14 12 29
51%879 of 1000 (-121) points to Obsidian II
Online time 7h 23m 34s
latest event was logged 5 days ago
Round win rate 64%251 wins, 141 losses
XP ModLevel 2/16"Learner" 84%106 of 125 kills to reach the next level
XP ModXP 689 XP689 XP total earned
XP ModBoxes 13 Boxes10 Boxes total earned
XP ModHE Grenade Chance
XP ModFlashbang Chance
XP ModFlashbang #2 Chance
XP ModFrostnade Chance
XP ModHealth
XP ModFall Damage Reduction
XP ModNo Flash Chance
XP ModFrostnade Radius
XP ModFrostnade Duration
XP ModRespawn Chance
XP ModXP Boost