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Points Kills Deaths KDR Assists Pos Time
0 20 25 0.80 1 71 20
0% 0 of 75 (-75) points to achieve Silver II
Online time 2h 51m 59s
latest event was logged 11 hours ago
Round win rate 43%54 wins, 69 losses
XP ModLevel 0/16"Unranked" 80% 20 of 25 kills to reach the next level
XP ModXP 63 XP138 XP total earned
XP ModBoxes 1 Box6 Boxes total earned
XP ModHE Grenade Chance
XP ModFlashbang Chance
XP ModFlashbang #2 Chance
XP ModFrostnade Chance
XP ModHealth
XP ModFall Damage Reduction
XP ModNo Flash Chance
XP ModFrostnade Radius
XP ModFrostnade Duration
XP ModRespawn Chance
XP ModXP Boost
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