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Mad Man

Points Kills Deaths KDR Assists Pos Time
0 0 0 N/A 0 5 5
0% 0 of 75 (-75) points to achieve Silver II
Online time 1d 13h 48m 8s
latest event was logged 11 hours ago
Time Name Message
Yesterday 20:02 Mad Man if you can do all tech here you can do mmost maps
Yesterday 20:01 Mad Man a good varity of diffren jumps :D
Yesterday 20:00 Mad Man it is bait
Yesterday 20:00 Mad Man xD
Yesterday 20:00 Mad Man wrong way
Yesterday 20:00 Mad Man gj
Yesterday 19:59 Mad Man kinda wierd ladder on the floor
Yesterday 19:58 Mad Man then just do a 180
Yesterday 19:58 Mad Man find a spot where you get booster into the air
Yesterday 19:57 Mad Man nice
Yesterday 19:50 Mad Man need to move your mouse faster towards the way you wanna slide
Yesterday 19:49 Mad Man land all the way on the back and only press W
Yesterday 19:48 Mad Man if you want to slide
Yesterday 19:47 Mad Man you don't need to strafe if you do get a perf
Yesterday 19:46 Mad Man if you are lucky you only need 1 perf
Yesterday 19:46 Mad Man did crouch perf
Yesterday 19:45 Mad Man need 250 take off speed to make the gap
Yesterday 19:44 Mad Man ye
Yesterday 19:44 Mad Man or you can do slide
Yesterday 19:44 Mad Man first double perf bhop
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