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Klonken is a Swedish gaming association. If you are a Swedish citizen and decides to join us, you'll get VIP for free all year round.
Player Online time
Zakwer 7h 6m 35s
www 6h 58m 2s
Wr1ght 6h 52m 10s
BendeR^^ 6h 51m 59s
Rek 6h 51m 19s
Slemmis 6h 47m 21s
VincNT 6h 19m 58s
wöken n da gö... 6h 19m 50s
Larsson 6h 16m 10s
morb 6h 7m 51s
Lalli 6h 4m 59s
sweh 5h 53m 33s
xkralleminx 5h 52m 5s
NEMRUDE空虚 5h 49m 52s
white 5h 49m 20s
aii 5h 49m 17s
julzz 5h 48m 59s
Jakubiebie 5h 44m 57s
KlaQe 5h 41m 34s
hihi 5h 35m 21s
SHANTI 5h 31m 54s
sn1pe 5h 27m 42s
991ts 5h 25m 55s
okcool. 5h 25m 20s
adAm1- 5h 24m 48s
The_Paper 5h 23m 28s
Ray 5h 21m 16s
jamal 5h 15m 6s
Cosq 5h 14m 12s
MaaGiiCx3 5h 3m 3s
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