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Klonken is a Swedish gaming association. If you are a Swedish citizen and decides to join us, you'll get VIP for free all year round.
Player Online time
B.i.G 15d 8h 58m 9s
exposed 14d 23h 43m 42s
kraklin 14d 9h 23m 45s
limpan 13d 3h 1m 41s
MONSA 13d 3h 1m 30s
-Axw3ll- 12d 8h 21m 44s
Genius of Hard ... 11d 22h 41m 31s
Zzz 11d 17h 22m 58s
Kasper 11d 11h 43m 23s
jetski 11d 51m 36s
tempest 10d 16h 53m 16s
newt 10d 5h 45m 12s
raindrop 10d 4h 39m 10s
JimppaPimppa 10d 2h 24m 45s
neondior 9d 14h 23m 15s
mike 9d 9h 28m 43s
niqqaplayour 9d 9h 18m 8s
Jordan El NiƱo... 9d 2h 13m 30s
FNN 9d 1h 1m 56s
s1mpel 8d 20h 54m 22s
RasistinenKalas... 8d 18h 54m 25s
?? 8d 13h 48m 8s
andy 8d 11h 29m 38s
Jojo 8d 8h 8m 32s
Jege 8d 8h 7m 9s
kallecalzone 8d 7h 38m 58s
????? 8d 6h 46m 34s
Stanix 8d 6h 21m 0s
xpxpxp 8d 5h 46m 1s
Ant1 7d 23h 43m 57s
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