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What is Klonken?

Klonken ("Klonken Spelförening", "We", ”You”, ”Our”, "Us") is a Swedish gaming association and community with CS:GO servers. Today, we are hosting 20+ CS:GO community servers from data centers in Sweden and Germany. Our main target group is 13-26 years old players, but everyone is of course welcome to enjoy our servers.

We are affiliated with Sverok, which makes it possible to finance our community, arrange competitions and giveaways and to continue to provide game servers. We receive grants from the Swedish state for every Swedish member who decides to join our association. Our community also depend on donations and we have therefore opened a virtual store where you can get VIP upgrades and support the community.
Sverok is a non-profit organization and youth association with over 50,000 members in more than 1,700 associations in Sweden. Young people get the chance to run their own association and create some form of business together.
Klonken needs a stable economy so that we can continue to provide game servers, arrange competitions and so on. To make this possible, we have started our own non-profit association which we have connected to Sverok. Every year we receive membership grants to run activities for our members. The money goes, among other things, to maintaining our forum, game servers, giveaways and competitions.


We believe we have our reasons for these changes. We discovered issues/bugs with "GameME Stats", which resulted in players losing rank points. Some players have lost hundreds of points for no reason. We have been in contact with GameME's support regarding these issues, but they have not found a solution. Unfortunately, "GameME Stats" costs a lot and we believe that there is no reason to keep a system with issues that result in players losing points that they should have received.

"GameME Stats" is not reliable enough for us and we prefer to develop our own system, which we do not have to pay hundreds of euros for each year.
"Klonken Ranking" is a ranking system based on "Level Ranks" (Thank you RoadSide Romeo & Wend4r).

We were inspired by HlStatsX & GameME Stats, so we decided to make our own version of a ranking system with rank icons and different rank levels. Players receive points from events such as kills, assists, deaths, round wins, bomb defuse, etc.

Here on our statistics page you can check players ranking, their ranking progress and chat logs.

The ranking system is under development, which means that we may make adjustments over time. More features will be available soon!


If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to share it with us. Any help we can get is much appreciated!

Create a thread at klonken.com/suggestions and we will definitely check it out :)
You need a VIP or Premium upgrade to access these commands on our servers.

!knife - Change your knife to Gut, Bayonet, M9 Bayonet, Butterfly, Karambit ...
!ws - Choose weapon skins and apply them to your weapons.
!gloves - Choose gloves to wear in your current team.
Go to klonken.com/store and purchase the VIP upgrade.
Yes, but only if you have a valid Swedish identity number!

Go to klonken.com/membership and join our association to claim VIP for free all year round.

When the year is over, you must renew your membership (redo the registration process) to keep your VIP for free!
Go to klonken.com/store and purchase the Premium upgrade.
Apply in less than a minute at klonken.com/tickets/whitelist/create.
We need server administrators who are committed to our community. Server administrators have a great responsibility and it requires that they have good knowledge of the game. To become a server administrator, you need to meet our requirements and submit an application.

Read more and apply at klonken.com/apply.